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Berlin specialty coffee

Enriching everyday coffee experience with specialty coffee

We achieve this by making real connections with coffee farmers, being direct importers, carefully roasting  our coffee, and offering it directly to all the people that appreciate a good cup of coffee.
Having a Colombian founder helps North Andes showcase the rich and diverse Colombia coffee culture. It also gives North andes the opportunity to connect people from one continent to another.
Our vision is to help move coffee away from an industrial supermarket taste to that full of flavours and aromas; while bridging the gap between people that consume coffee with people that produce it.

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Coffee Entrepreneurs

The farmers of our Berlin specialty coffee

We partner with coffee farmers that have an entrepreneurial and social mindset. Farmers that not only thrive for quality farming and correct work environment, but local engagement and responsibility for the community.

North Andes creates direct contact with these farmers to help keep transparent relations and encourage progressive and sustainable communities.

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