Farm Sierra Nevada

Over the past ten years, Jaime Gutierrez, manager of the farm, has been working on creating a sustainable coffee with high quality.Jaimie pays his workers not only a higher salary, but also takes care of the local community by financially supporting social and infrastructure projects.

The town of Arbelaez is reinventing itself as a pleasant touristic place for travelers that want to enjoy the sunny weather. The people of this community are focusing on education, infrastructure and social programs for all the farmers in the surroundings. Colombia as a country evolves and is in a process to transform into higher quality of life. Coffee farms like El Mirador provide well paid work with purpose and support the local community. With direct trade, higher margins can be made and the additionally earned money can be given back to the employees and the community.

Cupping score
1400mts Above Sea
23 - 27C
Area Size
12 Hectares
Sierra Nevda Coffee
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