"Meet Jaime & Magdalena coffee"

The 12 hectares coffee farm in Arbelaez, Cundinamarca has natural shade with over 30 different local trees. This protects the plants from excessive sun exposure and results in a high amount of nutrients in the coffee beans. The farm also contains several avocado, banana, and plantain trees, watered with natural spring water from the mountain peak. This secures the harvest to be 100% organic. Here’s where Magdalena beans are born 🖤

Magdalena River

North Andes builds authentic relationships with its coffee partners. Jaime, a friend of North Andes, started as a coffee farmer and has extended his reach to become a coffee exporter. He values society and it is essential to him to help all those involved in the coffee community. Jaime shares the North Andes values of entrepreneurship and contribution to society.

Jaime Coffee Maker

Jaime takes care of Magdalena coffee. He has a degree in agriculture and uses knowledge, experience, and the latest methods to bring out the best coffee possible. In addition he does farm experience tours to people interested in learning more about coffee. He is known for always trying to give back to the community.

A balanced coffee between fruits notes and low acidity. Magdalena tends to have best of both worlds. The taste is interesting with fruits yet it is not high in acidic. This is achieve by a combination of the plant origin and our roasting profile. It is made for those that like tasty coffee without the high acidity.

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